Online Library Management System

Every college/school has their library both for teachers and students use. The traditional system to manage them is either keeping track of them in a register or keeping a similar entry in computer in ms-excel format. This is fine until you need data from the logs. It’s very time consuming. Online Library Management System helps in solving this issue. All data is stored in a structured database. Data is fetch in no time. Also making an entry and retrieving the record is very fast compared to the traditional method. The system is online so multiple administrator can use this system from different places. This system is made for system administrator only.

Online Inventory System

One of the most used over software of all time are custom business inventory system but still as new business is starting every now and then, there are demands for it. With the popularity of web, online inventory will soon take over the desktop market. Online inventory system has lots of benefits compared to the traditional desktop system, the best of them is accessibility from anywhere you will just need an internet connection. You can check your inventory status from your mobile devices too. Another benefit of making Online Inventory System is that multiple user can access it at the same it. So if your partner who lives at different place wants to check the current stocks, he/she can check it simultaneously.

Online College Registration System

Every year students has to feel the burden of standing in a long queue, waiting all day just to submit their form, unsure even if they will get admission in that college or not. Well not this time, Online College Registration System has reduced that burden to 0%. Now students can submit their form online from their home or cyber cafe without standing or waiting in a long queue. There are lots of benefits of going online rather than the traditional method. The actions are quick and prompt which saves your time and efforts. Even the college management has the student application data in a structured format so they can sort and filter data in a matter or just seconds. This enhances the overall process. It has a two section admin and students to apply for courses.

Online Examination System

Examination is a test not just for the person who gives the exams but also for the management and teacher who arranges the exams as they have a big responsibility to make sure everything goes well. Online Examination System removes most of the drawback that was in the traditional examination system like students can give exams from anywhere around the globe just a computer with internet connection needed. Also the exams results can be calculated automatically just at the end of exams. It also minimizes the error in calculating results which humans do most of the time. It has a two section admin and exam givers.

Mobile Detect with PHP

In this modern era, the web has now gone mobile. i.e. website are made keeping in mind that people will be accessing them via their mobiles phones and tablets. Although website are made with the css media queries which respond to the devices, it does not gives minute details of the user devices like their version, platform, etc. Using Mobile detect with PHP library we can get details of their devices like their platform, versions, browsers etc. It helps in keeping track of the data which will benefit the website owner.

Make your avatar with Gravatar

Are you the one who lives on Web most of your time? Do you comment on blogs you visits? Are you tired of giving your contact details each time? If you do any one of these activity you got to have an avatar now. Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar that helps represent you online with small picture and your description. When you make an account with Gravatar, it gives you a link which describes your profile with almost every information you need other people to know about yourself.

Ajax scroll down pagination with Php and Mysql

My last article on ajax pagination with php and mysql was very well appreciated. This time I am posting ajax scroll down pagination with php and mysql. In this tutorial it has two demos; first one where records are displayed when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and the other one is where you scroll down the page and you get a button asking to display next set of data.

Clear session after 15 minutes of user inactivity using php

If your website/ online application have user login system, session check is an integral part of the coding logic. If user is logged in an admin panel, or any other restricted area only for privileged user you must perform user inactivity check which will help reducing security risk if user forgets to logout. In this tutorial you will learn how to clear session after 15 minutes of user inactivity using php.

thesoftwareguy turns 1 year old

Today is a very special day for me as my blog, thesoftwareguy turns 1 year old, It was on this day of last year I launched this blog. In this article I will be sharing some of my personal details/achievements regarding the blog.

User Registration with Email Verification using PHP and Mysql

I had recieve a tutorial request from one of my blog follwer to make or demonstrate user Registration with Email Verification using PHP and Mysql. So the flow is quite simple, user registers to a site, and email is sent to their email address for verification. User then click a link in the email message which redirect him back to the site where it's account gets approved. I have used php-mailer library so you can send mail via your google account from your local server itself.