Post status/link/images to your timeline with php and graph api

If you are using facebook app and have some engaging users, posting activity to their wall can come in handy. Activity about their photos, likes and comments are the most common feature posted to their timeline. In this tutorial you will learn to post status/link/images to your timeline with php and graph api.

Column Sorting with php and mysql

Column sorting is a feature where user can sort the results either in ascending or descending order. Although it sounds a simple hack in your code, but for end-users this feature is a gem when they go through large reports. Learn the trick to sort column with php and mysql.

Awesome Php Calendar V1.0

Awesome Php calendar is fully hard coded in php making full use of php native functions. I have named it awesome because I find this technique very generic and when I will upgrade to higher versions ( which I will) it will do wonders. This is the first release of this mini project and licensed under MIT(open source).

Backup and Restore mysql database with windows batch file

One of the most common requirements for any project is backup and restore database which we leave till the end of the project or do it when required by clients. As most of the user including me work on XAMPP, WAMPP (for local use) we rely much on phpmyAdmin for these functions until one fine day where I had to make a backup of database which contain more than 17 lakhs records(INNODB) which has referential integrity too. I tried using phpmyadmin but it had its limitation and then windows batch file comes into play.

Fetch facebook fan pages liked by your friend using php and fql

In my last facebook tutorial you guys have seen how to fetch your friends and their profile picture using php and fql, so extending it a bit further this time I am going to demonstrate how to fetch facebook fan pages liked by your friend using php and fql. As per my research I haven't seen facebook fan page integration in most of the app but you never know when it comes handy.

Slimscroll – facebook like scroll bar jquery plugin

One of the best looking feature of facebook is their scrollbar. I was looking for a similar jquery plugin for one of my projects and guess what I came across slimscroll which amazed me, It is so lightweight and has same feature which happens to be in facebook scrollbar. So I thought why not share this plugin with you all.

Create facebook application and fetch friends with profile picture using php and fql

Facebook has become an integral part of our lives now. It's not just about the being social now, developers like us are using their API's to promote business. I personally love playing with Facebook API. In this tutorial you will see how to create a facebook application, fetch your personal data, your friends with their profile pics with pagination feature using php and fql.

Activate hidden themes in Windows7

Do you guys know that window7 provides some country based themes? These themes are based on countries like Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Canada. If you haven't tried these before check it out now. Watch the slideshow or download the pdf to see the step by step tutorial.

Upload multiple files with php

In my last two posts you have seen how to upload an image with php and add/remove multiple text fields using jquery. In this post you will see how I have combined both these features into one i.e Uploading multiple files using php(of course you can filter images, documents based on your requirement). Also included is the trick to extend the file upload size so user can upload files larger than 128M/2M (local/online server) which is set by default.

Add Remove multiple textfield with jquery

Text field is the most basic element in a form, we always use text fields for submitting name, emails etc. In these cases we use text fields with different names. But what will you do if you have to enter multiple projects, hobbies, education qualifications all under a same group. In that case you will need a technique to add remove multiple text fields. In this tutorial you will see how to add remove multiple text fields with jquery.