How I started my company Teckclouds Technologies

I am very happy today because I have finally started to see my dream getting a shape. Right from my college days when I used to code in C and Bill Gates being my role model, I dreamt of opening my own software company. Today in this article I will share some personal facts on How I started my company Teckclouds Technologies

Creating multi user role based admin using php mysql and bootstrap

Last two weeks I was quite busy with projects and hardly had any spare time left for writing blogs. I had a huge backlog of mails requesting for tutorials. One thing I found common among them was creating a multi user role based admin feature. I googled for the article so I can give them links but I was not able to find useful tutorial. So i decided to make it myself for my blog readers. In this tutorial I will be Creating multi user role based admin using php mysql and bootstrap library.

35 Important interview questions with answers for php freshers

In this tutorial I have given the common 35 Important interview questions with answers for php freshers who are going for a job interview for the post of PHP developer/ programmer. Topics included are php, mysql, javascript, html, css, jquery.

Login System with twitter using OAuth php and mysql

Twitter is the last part of my “login system with social sites” series. After so many requests pouring in from my blog followers for twitter login system, I simply had to. In this tutorial you will learn to create a twitter app for website and integrating the Login System with twitter using OAuth php and mysql.

Playing audio and video using JQuery

Last week was quite busy for me as I had received lots of tutorial request. A blog follower asked me how to play mp3 files using jquery. I am posting the article so that it would benefit others who are looking for the same.This tutorial is not just about playing mp3 files, you will learn playing audio and video using Jquery.

Creating responsive multi step form with bootstrap and Jquery

I had received a tutorial request from my blog follower to send him step by step tutorial for creating responsive multi step form with bootstrap and Jquery. It’s an excellent technique where you want to break the form fields into multiple categories. Also since the design is also responsive it looks great for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Online Library Management System

Every college/school has their library both for teachers and students use. The traditional system to manage them is either keeping track of them in a register or keeping a similar entry in computer in ms-excel format. This is fine until you need data from the logs. It’s very time consuming. Online Library Management System helps in solving this issue. All data is stored in a structured database. Data is fetch in no time. Also making an entry and retrieving the record is very fast compared to the traditional method. The system is online so multiple administrator can use this system from different places. This system is made for system administrator only.

Online Inventory System

One of the most used over software of all time are custom business inventory system but still as new business is starting every now and then, there are demands for it. With the popularity of web, online inventory will soon take over the desktop market. Online inventory system has lots of benefits compared to the traditional desktop system, the best of them is accessibility from anywhere you will just need an internet connection. You can check your inventory status from your mobile devices too. Another benefit of making Online Inventory System is that multiple user can access it at the same it. So if your partner who lives at different place wants to check the current stocks, he/she can check it simultaneously.

Online College Registration System

Every year students has to feel the burden of standing in a long queue, waiting all day just to submit their form, unsure even if they will get admission in that college or not. Well not this time, Online College Registration System has reduced that burden to 0%. Now students can submit their form online from their home or cyber cafe without standing or waiting in a long queue. There are lots of benefits of going online rather than the traditional method. The actions are quick and prompt which saves your time and efforts. Even the college management has the student application data in a structured format so they can sort and filter data in a matter or just seconds. This enhances the overall process. It has a two section admin and students to apply for courses.

Online Examination System

Examination is a test not just for the person who gives the exams but also for the management and teacher who arranges the exams as they have a big responsibility to make sure everything goes well. Online Examination System removes most of the drawback that was in the traditional examination system like students can give exams from anywhere around the globe just a computer with internet connection needed. Also the exams results can be calculated automatically just at the end of exams. It also minimizes the error in calculating results which humans do most of the time. It has a two section admin and exam givers.