Create month and year dropdown list using JavaScript


In my last post I have given the code to Create month and year dropdown list using php. But I thought why not try to do the same with JavaScript. So i just coded and sharing the snippet to Create month and year dropdown list using JavaScript.

Create year dropdown list

First of all create a dropdown and assign an ID to it. Assigning an ID is very important. I have given year as id.

At the bottom of the page add this snippet. It will loop over the year and dynamically append it to the year dropdown.

Create month dropdown list

Going through the same process as we did in year dropdown. First create a dropdown and assign ID to it. I have given month in my case.

Add this script below the dropdown or at the bottom of the page to add month options dynamically to the month dropdown.

If you have any other tricks or suggestion to optimize this code please share with us.


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