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Facebook Unlock facebook display pictures

Recently I have come across to a website that unlocks facebook display pictures. I tried the demo and it did worked perfectly. I approached the author and asked if he’s storing any vital information as this service is free. He said that he just stores the facebook ID nothing more than that. So I thought why not share this with you guys.

Facebook Post status link images to your timeline with php and graph api

If you are using facebook app and have some engaging users, posting activity to their wall can come in handy. Activity about their photos, likes and comments are the most common feature posted to their timeline. In this tutorial I will explain how to post status/link/images to your timeline with PHP and Graph API.

Facebook Search facebook friends and liked pages using php ajax fql

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating you how to make the facebook like autosuggestion search feature to find facebook friends and your liked pages using php, fql and ajax. If you have a database and want to fetch the records from there but you want the search to look liked facebook search, then you have come at the right place. I will be showing you the search demo with your live facebook data.

Facebook Facebook Login with PHP using facebook SDK

If you have a website where you have signup/registration section, Facebook login is a must. Not only it’s user-friendly,, it is quick and reliable as you will be having real user. In this tutorial we will see how to create a facebook application & integrate it in on your website.

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