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Jquery Smooth scrolling to page top and bottom using jQuery

In this tutorial you will see how to apply Smooth scrolling effect when user go to the bottom section of a page or when user go at the top section of a page. User can also scroll to a particular section of a page using the same technique.

Jquery Playing audio and video using JQuery

A blog follower asked me how to play mp3 files using jquery. I am posting the article so that it would benefit others who are looking for the same.This tutorial is not just about playing mp3 files, You will learn playing audio and video using Jquery.

Jquery Creating responsive multi step form with bootstrap and Jquery

I had received a tutorial request from my blog follower to send him step by step tutorial for creating responsive multi step form with bootstrap and Jquery. It’s an excellent technique where you want to break the form fields into multiple categories. Also since the design is also responsive it looks great for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Jquery Auto grow textarea with jquery

Textarea autogrow is quite a hit. I have seen it many websites especially facebook. So I tried looking for a similar jquery plugin and came accross jquery autogrow plugin. Its very easy to add, lightweight and does the job perfectly well.

Jquery Get Latitude and Longitude of a location with Google maps api and Jquery

If you work with google map API getting Latitude and Longitude of a location/pincode can come in very handy. User can give a valid location/pincode and its Latitude and Longitude will be generated accordingly using Google maps api. In this tutorial I will explain how to get the Latitude and Longitude of a location with Google maps api and Jquery.

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