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Examination is a test not just for the person who gives the exams but also for the management and teacher who arranges the exams as they have a big responsibility to make sure everything goes well.

Online Examination System removes most of the drawback that was in the traditional examination system like students can give exams from anywhere around the globe just a computer with internet connection needed. Also the exams results can be calculated automatically just at the end of exams. It also minimizes the error in calculating results which humans do most of the time. It has a two section admin and exam givers.

Software requirements for Online Examination System Project

Online Examination System is made with PHP, Mysql. It will run on Apache Server. Check below for details.

  • Operating System – Windows/Linux/Unix / MacOS
  • Programming langauge – PHP 5.4.0 or higher
  • Database Server – Mysql 5.0 or higher
  • Web Server – Apache 2.4.7 or higher

Features provided in this project.

The features in this projects are given below.

  • Full RDBMS concept applied with commit and rollback feature.
  • Client side validation using jQuery.
  • Design Layout is made using Bootstrap framework.
  • Power packed dynamic admin and Student section
  • System Administrator who will be the sole user managing the system from the back end.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the category
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Subjects.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Questions and Answers of subject.
  • The System Administrator can view the user list and basic details who gives exams.
  • The System Administrator can view exams results of each individual user.
  • New User has to sign up with the system to give examination.
  • Existing Users can login to give examination.
  • A user can give any examination multiple times and their result will be displayed at the end of the examination.

This project is not avaible for free. But you can buy this at a very nominal price

The price of this project is USD 37(THIRTY SEVEN USD)

You will get the source code and the documentation for the project once the money is transferred.

Download Sample Documentation If your are interested to buy this project.

If your are interested to buy this project.



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  1. Hi Friends,

    This website is very good and Shahrukh have been an Immense help in doing this project a success. When I called him, he immediately responded and as well as he helped me setting up the project. I have been to many websites who really not have helped me but this guy is really cool and helped me in finishing up this project with a great success 🙂 kudos to Shahrukh.

  2. Wow!, just wow!! A really great project and a Legitimate one too!, no scam no frauds!!
    not just that, after i’ve made the payment sir Shahrukh didn’t left me hanging, he even helped me install the project and now, its running smoothly!! This project just might be the key for me to graduate this year!! haha
    thanks a lot sir Shahrukh,
    as a Computer Science student i really wish i could be as skilled as you are..

    A greetings of peace and salutations to you sir! Assalamu’Alaykum!

  3. I am not an expert developer but I have the basic skill set that allows me to play around the IT environment comfortably and with ease. I thought about developing an online examination system and was wondering how to start until I stumbled into
    I bought this project and the code was sent to me in less than 24 hours. The basic features in the system meets my initial concept and it just got me started. – this is awesome!!!. I was shrilled when the softwareguy (Shahrukh Khan) offered to deploy the project on my Xampp computer remotely. This was done in less than 20 minutes and it was so amazing. The 61 page documentation for the project is quite helpful especially the screen shots.
    Thank you Shahrukh Khan for your work and excellent customer service offered. I will definitely try and join your PHP tutorial classes.


  4. Review:
    Thanks a lot for this project. Totally worth it!
    First the response of Shahrukh was great. And there was no long waiting or delays for the reply and help.

    I had a problem with the project, So I asked Shahrukh for help and by the time the problem didn’t got solved he was bashing his head here and there to solve the problem, but BOY O BOY finding the solution after 1 and a half hrs of continuous search, he solved the problem. So cheers to that hard work.

    After this experience I would recommend all others for the purchase and believe of this project and hope to get the same response from him.

    Keep it up !!

  5. Hello,

    this guy is amazing like i couldnt install it he even helped me with it and even helped me understand what to do where and sort everything out like step by step guide. I thought he’d stop responding once he sent me the project but he helped through out everything and straight away no waiting around at all

    thank you so much

    all the best


  6. Hi ,
    Just one thing. Go for it.
    The best Online Examination System Project available on the internet. Not even an error. It is a perfect project at a reasonable cost. And the service was really quick. It just took 2 minutes to install and execute. I suggest the users to definitely buy this.

  7. for the second time that u help me in my proj. sir a lot of thanks to you this man rocks 😀
    very helpful man… thanks sir


  8. How much this project cost? i really need this examination system, but before i even planing to buy it i would like to know the price for it.

  9. Adegbite Victor on

    After buying your online examination package,can i be able to embed it into our website.
    can i also be able to install it for each of our client(schools) for them to use it to conduct their examinations.
    Thank you.

  10. Hai shahruk. i am going to build online examination system.i want to embedd countdown timer for whole exam duration and when times end for exam the system submit the test automatically..mean auto submit feature must be present. i want a hlp from u.can u please made this project for me..

    • The concept for solving this problem is given below:

      • Just before the start of the session set the starting time and the amount of exam time (duration) in sesstion.
      • When you start the exam, fire an ajax request every minute/10 seconds to check if the time has been elasped. And return a message/string basis on the time check.
      • Once you get the message submit the form using javascript submit function.
  11. HI.. Shahrukh Khan… IM from indonesian. really interested the system. How can i buy ur system?
    i dont have paypal 🙁

  12. Just bought and used Online Exam System and I must say that Shahrukh has worked fantastic on this system. Good communication and prompt delivery on payment.

  13. Im interested in your project, how much will it cost me if you are sell it to me, and for sure you will have to modify it a little bit to suite my needs such as adding the capability to import users from a .CSV format eg if i have up to 5000 candidate to part-take in the exams and list of eligible candidates in the CSV format, i will wan to import instead of typing.

  14. hi Sahrukh,

    I need your help. I want to make website from my own. So i just want to know all the basic stuffs for this.
    how to setup your computer what are the software i need to make it. please help me and teach me.


  15. I bought the project to help me get an understanding of quiz systems and this has helped me a lot! Thank you very much Shahrukh for the help!

  16. This website is very helpful for learning PHP. Thank you so much for your effort and sharing to community. I sent you an email to request the source code & documentation. Hope to receive your respond soon.

  17. I want to purchase your software so that i can use it for my project. How can i make payment. Also, can you assist me to set it up and make some changes to suite my project.

  18. This is a great piece of work with so much ingenuities. I bought it and have made some improvements just to meet my needs. Shah has been soooo supportive through out the setting up exercise and I have learned a great deal in the process.

    A very big thank you to Shah, I look forward to seeing another good project as such.



  19. Shahrukh Khan pls we those in ghana dont have access to paypal to buy this project, trying but finding it difficulties, pls can there be a money transfer to get it

  20. I like your system, that is a web based system, so is it responsive? and what if i decided to buy it if I ‘m out of your country?

    • Yes it is web based but it is made with bootstrap only for web version not mobile version. User can acess it via mobile and tablet as well but it will be show bigger screen. Payment method is via paypal.

      • Ok! i get you Shahrukh, so what if i want it to be supported on both web and mobile phone, can you do that for me or is not possible?

        • Currently it works on both web/mobile. Just on mobile it wont be responsive as per media width. But it will work 100% fine. I am currently working on the media responsive version on all my projects. Hopefully will be out soon.

  21. wow!!! very good. Shahrukh sir is very helpful . he is really expert. thank you sir for support & quick reply.
    Thanks a lot

  22. Thanks for the project, transaction was fast and you email the project within 24hrs. Everything on the system works nice and smooth. I really appreciate you help keep up the good work!!!

  23. this guy is really a software designer, woooooooooow trustworthy, i hv this soure code and it is working perfectly.
    Shahrukh u are the man, 5 stars
    looking up to do business with you
    Excellent Service

  24. Hi mr. Khan, how is it going?

    I watched your video on YouTube, and I realized that system it’s all I need.
    I’d like to know if it is easily customized. There are some features I need to change. Is it a problem?

    Daniel Tresso

  25. Hi everyone!!
    I really appreciate doing business with Shahrukh Khan. He ‘d been helpful and professional since first time we got contact. Thanks for being the man who gave me a software solution.

    I’m going to recommend your Projects here in Brazil.

    Daniel Tresso

  26. hello . i really love this quiz app . and it fits what i need for my project. but how sad i thought its free , by the way how much fo the source code ?

  27. This app is great, so easy to use.
    Also, the transaction was very fast, just after few ours Khan send to me app.
    Very professional.
    My recommendation for all who wants to buy from “the software guy”.
    All the best my friend…

  28. Hello Shahrukh please provide me a new php project online examination system with guide and report
    if you can? send me immedetly i have to help to my friends……
    thanking You…..

  29. Mr. Shahruk,
    I have emailed to you yesterday with regards to the purchase of this software. Please reply ASAP.

  30. Your efforts are great. Please mail me few good ebooks to learn php..i alsi want to become a talented programmer like you.

  31. hi shahrukh khan , im interested in your online examination system i emailed you but no response from you yet how can i find you plz.

  32. Hi Shahrukh,
    I would like to purchase your examination system please and also with the steps of creating each database on mysql, as it will allow me to develop an understanding of the mechanics behind such a program.


  33. I am interested your projects. Please explain,how to place this project in my website & payment details..

  34. Please I need your help am working on a project. I want to design hierarchy admin based model, where the super admin will create the admin, the admin will create supervisor. Thanks in advanced.

  35. hey buddy,
    i have made the kind of project u made and is working as expected but i m stuck in the appearing the question back to back. i am not getting tht how to can i do that can u give me a idea tht how can i do that…

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