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One of the most used software of all time are custom business inventory system but still as new business is starting every now and then, there are demands for it. With the popularity of web, online inventory will soon take over the desktop market.

Online inventory system has lots of benefits compared to the traditional desktop system, the best of them is accessibility from anywhere you will just need an internet connection. You can check your inventory status from your mobile devices too. Another benefit of making Online Inventory System is that multiple user can access it at the same it. So if your partner who lives at different place wants to check the current stocks, he/she can check it simultaneously.

Software required to run Online Inventory System Project

Online Inventory System is made with PHP, Mysql. It will run on Apache Server. Check below for details.

  • Operating System – Windows/Linux/Unix / MacOS
  • Programming langauge – PHP 5.4.0 or above
  • Database Server – Mysql 5.0 or above
  • Web Server – Apache 2.4.7

Features provided in this project.

The features in this projects are given below.

  • Full RDBMS concept applied with commit and rollback feature.
  • Client side validation using jQuery.
  • Design Layout is made using Bootstrap framework.
  • System Administrator who will be the sole user managing the system from  the back end.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the category
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Brands.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Products.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view/print the Orders.
  • The System can generate the invoice receipt.


If you have trouble watching this video watch it in Youtube

This project is not available for free. But you can buy this at a very nominal price

The price of this project is USD 26(TWENTY SIX USD)

You will get the source code and the documentation for the project once the money is transferred.

Download Sample Documentation

If your are interested to buy this project.



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  1. Kelvin Mulenga on

    Great project, just got the source code myself I would definitely recommend getting this. Thanks once again Khan for uploading this

  2. sir can u help me i need this system i have a project can u give me the sample which i can edit about add and edit the products and category

    Product Name:

    can u give me a sample of this code in php please send to my email please help me i need it badly thank you sir!

  3. This online software is great, and it is really fast and meet my all requirements. and i recommended to any of international buyer to get this software with out any risk. the developer is nice person to do business. he is really genuine person. i transferred money through Paypal but i never meet him. within 2 days he send me the full project files as he promised. +++++++++++++++++A

    Thank You

    Ranuka Iresh
    Tech Mart Computers
    Sri Lanka

  4. Salam.. Hi I’m from Malaysia, I’ve buy the online inventory system about 3 months ago and used it. So far it was a great software that i’ve been used. The developer is so friendly and nice person. and once i make the payment i got the software project within a day. It was a great and excellence service. I’m strongly recommend to those who are looking for inventory system to buy it. Good job developer!

  5. Hi, I’m from Malaysia.. I’ve buy online inventory system 3 months ago and was fun used it.. Once i make the payment, within a day i got the software.. very fast work.. good job developer.. I’m strongly recommending to those who are looking for inventory system to buy this project.. It helps me a lot.. TQ

  6. I am interested to buy your project of online inventory system that is made with php, Mysql .I would like to know how can I do the money transaction and how I will get the source code and the documentation for the project.

  7. I love this tool. It is exactly what we need, with all required functions. Very easy to use. We have 3 locations. Managing inventory was so difficult. This web-based tool makes our life much easier. Shahrukh is very knowledgeable and helpful.

    FIVE stars services!!!

    Highly recommend

  8. This is one of the best project I have met online. The owner is truthful and very sincere. The application looks cool and professional. My friend, you are indeed the “SOFTWARE GUY”..

  9. This is one of the best project I have met online. The owner is truthful and very sincere. The application looks cool and professional. My friend, you are indeed the “SOFTWARE GUY”

  10. hi mr khan…i m intrestd with ur product b4 i make any decision to purchase it ,,,can ur this system produce report?

    i plan to use barcode label with this system is i posible?

    plz emel me the sample report if its posible..tq

  11. after purchasing this software…can i customised it? is it easy to customised let say the rupee sign to piund or dollar sign?

    actually i plan to modify this software to include the location of the stock…for example i have many clients n i would like to know where is the PC i supply is located so that i can send technician to assist the user…is it posible to use this system to meet my needs?

  12. I want to know if you have added user management to the code? I want to have a super admin that adds product and manages inventry and users and then a sales user that takes order.

  13. Hi, I planned to make an inventory system just like you did for my final and I really interested to buy the source code of this system. May I know what is the requirement for this system and how can I buy the code? I’m from Malaysia. Thanks.

    • lets say you have Electronics as a category and then it can be further divided into Mobiles, tablets, Fans, A.c. etc.
      So all the sub-categories has to have a parent ( which is Electronics in our above case ). So a parent column is needed to map the ID.
      Hope this helps you.

  14. Hi, I am from Serbia, Europe.
    I bought Online inventory system as a starting point to develop web application that suites my needs.

    Whole transaction takes few hours. I payed code and received it very soon. Got all what I expected. Code and documentation are quite enough to start further development.

    My advice: do not hesitate !
    If application review satisfy your needs, do not reinvent wheel. For that price you will save months of your time.

    Mister Khan is kind and very professional person.

  15. Need to have a online inventory and billing system for a wholesale business. Need to have the facility to keep some specific license related fields for customers.
    Please send me the details along with your contact no.

  16. Hello, I inboxed you for a purchase and a few other questions. Looking forward to hearing from you, cheers!

    • *comment after buying the project*
      Everything looks really cool, useful project, fast response from the provider, keep up the good work!

  17. Uriah Avinash on

    Hi Shahrukh, am learning php and mysql and my designing a hotel management system i have table call


    Booking table

    Customer table

    Room Table


    now my biggest challenge is to create form for booking
    and I want to have a combo box dat i can pull customer name from the customer
    and room from the rooms table and when i pull a room the price should appear in
    the price box automatically

    please can you help me with the code give me tips that can help me do that

    • well its simple, maintain the table relation and datatype correctly. fetching the records are simple, just the select queries. not when you insert always use ID of the record instead of the value.

  18. I need such software for my Lab Chemical inventory, please inform me if you have an offer. additional needs:
    – picture upload
    – product name select from list (from online or excel)

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