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Every college/school has their library both for teachers and students use. The traditional system to manage them is either keeping track of them in a register or keeping a similar entry in computer in ms-excel format. This is fine until you need data from the logs. It’s very time consuming.

Online Library Management System helps in solving this issue. All data is stored in a structured database. Data is fetch in no time. Also making an entry and retrieving the record is very fast compared to the traditional method. The system is online so multiple administrator can use this system from different places. This system is made for system administrator only.

Software requirement for Online Library Management System Project

Online Library Management System is made with PHP, Mysql. It will run on Apache Server. Check below for details.

  • Operating System – Windows/Linux/Unix / MacOS
  • Programming langauge – PHP 5.4.0
  • Database Server – Mysql 5.0
  • Web Server – Apache 2.4.7

Features provided in this project.

The features in this projects are given below.

  • Full RDBMS concept applied with commit and rollback feature.
  • Client side validation using jQuery.
  • Design Layout is made using Bootstrap framework.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the category
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Authors.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Books.
  • The System Administrator can add/edit/delete/view the Books Issued to students.
  • The System Administrator can search the students records who have taken books using their ID.


This project is not available for free. But you can buy this at a very nominal price

The price of this project is USD. 26(Twenty Six USD)

You will get the source code and the documentation for the project once the money is transferred.

Download Sample Documentation

If your are interested to buy this project.



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  1. Thank you very much for all your support of making sure the web application runs smoothly on mine.

    Never came across a person sincerely passionate about his project and making sure his consumers getting the best of his web application.

  2. please.. i didnt see the front end design in the video. Please show us how it look like. because the user will only see the front end and also the user dashboard that shows user activities.

    thank you

  3. ashish gupta on

    Hello sir,
    I am doing develop a job portal website using php and jquery. But in this project i want to develop a notification feature like as facebook on jobsheeker’s dashboard which notify user to all job alerts or any job application updates as well as employer’s dashboard.
    Please help me to develop this notification feature like as facebook by using php and jquery with database table.

    Ashish gupta

  4. Please help me, i want to coding of Library managment system user admin all panel please send me code on this email please please i really need 🙁

  5. Your project is great. I am also doing a system project for our software engineering subject but unfortunately I can’t delete a record from a repeated region… can i ask for help on how to solve my problem… Thanks for reading this comment…

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