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Mini Projects Free bootstrap admin templates

Bootstrap is here to stay. I love working in bootstrap framework, it gives developers like us (having basic or average knowledge about css) a big boost. Using bootstrap framework I can now make basic mobile friendly website myself. In my free time I always look for some cool design/UI inspiration.In this article I have posted some of the best free bootstrap admin templates I have come across. You can use them in your project for free.

Premium Projects Online Inventory System

Online Inventory System project made with php, mysql, jquery, bootstrap, html. It has a admin panel that manages category, stocks .sales,print invoices etc.

Premium Projects Online Examination System

Online Examination System project made with php, mysql, jquery, bootstrap, html. It runs on Apache web server. It has Admin panel as well as user section where students can register and give exams.

Mini Projects Simple address book with php and mysql using pdo

PDO or PHP Data Objects is a very powerful yet lightweight API for for accessing database in MySql. If you are using PHP 5.1.0 or above it comes pre-installed. So if you are one of the guys still using the old mysql_query and related functions, this is the right time to upgrade. Using this mini project you can learn how to create a simple address book with php and mysql using pdo. This mini project will help get you get started with things you need to know to start coding with pdo.

Mini Projects Awesome Php Calendar V1

Awesome Php calendar is fully hard coded in php making full use of php native functions. I have named it awesome because I find this technique very generic and when it can be upgraded and lots of functionalities can be added. This is the first release of this mini project and licensed under MIT(open source).

Mini Projects Send greetings cards via email using php and mysql

Be it New Year, Christmas, Eid or Diwali, we always send greetings to our loved ones.In this tutorial you will learn how will learn to send greetings cards via email using php and mysql. Since you will be sending mails you have to run this script on a live server or setup your email account via smtp/pop3 in the phpmailer script to run in localhost.