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Learn Ajax with jquery, sending and receiving json, xml, query string data with ajax, ajax with php, free scripts live demo and downloads.

Premium Projects Online Inventory System

Online Inventory System project made with php, mysql, jquery, bootstrap, html. It has a admin panel that manages category, stocks .sales,print invoices etc.

Premium Projects Online Examination System

Online Examination System project made with php, mysql, jquery, bootstrap, html. It runs on Apache web server. It has Admin panel as well as user section where students can register and give exams.

PHP Ajax scroll down pagination with Php and Mysql

In this tutorial it has two demos; first one where records are displayed when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and the other one is where you scroll down the page and you get a button asking to display next set of data.

Jquery Product rating system with php mysql jquery and Ajax

If you guys use/develop ecommerce system, product rating system is one of their core moudles. Giving user the facility to rate their products makes the website more open and engaing. So In this tutorial I will explain you how to create a product rating system with php, mysql, jquery and Ajax. I have used bootstrap3 framework for quick html integration.

PHP Ajax pagination with php and mysql

Pagination is a part of the parcel in every day development. We always need pagination when viewing tons of data. I received a request from one of my blog readers for providing him the pagination script. So I thought why not share it will all. In this tutorial you will learn how to implement ajax pagination with php and mysql. If you want just a normal pagination i.e. without ajax you can do that too.

PHP Multiple dropdown with jquery ajax and php

Filtering results or providing option to users based on some criteria is one of the most sought after thing in web development. User friendliness is the key, So in this tutorial I am going to explain how can you create multiple dropdown with jquery ajax and php for filtering options based on some criteria.

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