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Today my baby blog thesoftwareguy turn 3 years old. What started as a hobby turns into somewhat great and grand now. I had never thought I could get so much appreciation and love from my blog readers as well as the blogosphere community for sharing my tutorials with the world. Thank you all for your warm and lovely greetings and wishes for my blog anniversary.

This post is not about ME it’s about YOU. So I emailed some of my blog reader to share with me their experiences and amazingly around 90% of them had sent me their testimonials. Since I cannot post each and every one testimonial as it will make this article way too lengthy, I have handpicked some of them, for the rest of them please consider me.

Just to let you know that this year, people from around 211 countries have visited my blog and have learned and shared a lot of stuff with the community. Check the stats below.


Visitor stats for the 3rd year


Testimonials from my blog readers

I feel so blessed that my work has been appreciated by peoples all around. This has motivated me a lot and I will work harder and smarter and add more value to my blog so that people from all around the world can have access to rich content and tutorial that I have been building for them. I have also noticed that people who had worked with me for their custom projects have all found pleasant to work with me as well. I always had the urge to do something creative and people who gave me their custom projects provided me a mode to learn new things every day.


Have a look at the testimonials and don’t miss to see the special fan collage at the end of the article.

One amongst the best things that had happened to me in the IT world was when I stumbled across Shahrukh Khan, couple of years back; through his blog Then, when I was studying in the United Kingdom (UK), I went through his series of projects and I felt like I needed to have all the projects. I was personally impressed when I later discovered that he developed all the codes by himself. To cut long story short – I bought one of his codes and ever then I have been happy and busy with it.

One outstanding thing I have noticed with this smart Software boy (also called thesoftwareguy and sometimes I call him ‘Prince’) is that he is creative, hardworking, patient and focused. We worked together on my project for couple of months on the stretch and he had NEVER said NO to my series of requests, debugging and reviews. All through, he ensured that I was satisfied to the last inch.

I learnt quite a few good things from him and his website. I particularly enjoyed his free tutorials which ordinarily I could have spent some few bucks to have.

Shahrukh has introduced me to a lot of opportunities and those opportunities are educative and entrepreneurial.

thesoftwareguy has inspired me and I am now on the verge of launching my blog so all I could say is ‘Thank you Shahrukh’, please keep up the good work. Dan, UK


Congratulation and your blog 3rd birthday.

With your blog and its services I learnt a lot about PHP and MySQL, for me your blog is a dictionary to me about web based language mostly on PHP, MySQL and related stuff. I learnt and developed different websites and also real-time projects in my career. And I got lot of appreciation to my work. Thanks a lot Shahrukh and I wish you make a successful career ahead.Raju Nestam, India


I was doing my dissertation on LMS and I came across thesoftwareguy website. I looked at Shahrukh’s premium source code and was interested with his education related source codes. I sent him a hangout chat and he responded with courtesy. Shahrukh is very accommodating and his website’s UI is very neat. My fiance and I are operating an IT biz and his website is awesomely helpful. Thanks Shahrukh. Dr Eunice Manugas, Philippines. Founder, Teachers in PH. (


Congratulation for 3rd anniversary of “”. I am a regular follower of this site. I get fantastic idea and useful information about programming. This site has probably the best and most encouraging tutorial. All your hard work is much appreciated. Wish this blog site more & more resourceful through its journey.
Esmot Ela, Bangladesh

The software guy is my doorstep to learn new ideas. When I get stuck I just visit here to get a simple solution. Be connected here and let’s built this website a strong PHP solution platform Sudesh Roul, India. Digital Marketing Professional

I have gone through many blogs of PHP but this one stands at top. You can get all the basics covered in perfect way. It also covers jquery, ajax kind of things which makes a big difference in your knowledge. Perfect blog to get perfection in web development in PHP. Yogesh Shinde, India. Software Developer

This website is very good and Shahrukh have been an Immense help in doing this project a success. When I called him, he immediately responded and as well as he helped me setting up the project. I have been to many websites who really not have helped me but this guy is really cool and helped me in finishing up this project with a great success kudos to Shahrukh. Lakshmi, India

Thank you very much for all your support of making sure the web application runs smoothly on mine. Never came across a person sincerely passionate about his project and making sure his consumers getting the best of his web application. Adnan Hazem, UK

This guy is amazing like I couldn’t install it he even helped me with it and even helped me understand what to do where and sort everything out like step by step guide. I thought he’d stop responding once he sent me the project but he helped throughout everything and straight away no waiting around at all. SAM, US

Thank you always for your professional advice. It was me who at first contacted you suddenly asking your advice through your blog. And you helped me kindly and even recently, you created one program to my company. You are awesome!

I hope you and your blog continue helping people like me all over the world.

Happy anniversary ! Best of Luck! Go Miura, Japan

I send you my heartiest congratulations on the arrival of the little bundle of joy in your life. It is surely a moment of great happiness and must be really overjoyed. I am extremely happy to hear that is 1095 days old, and I wish her a healthy and any more years of business success ahead. To be honest, I am so proud of that BLOG!

It must definitely be a busy time for you, but I am sure you must be enjoying the whole thing, and every moment. Wish you and your many enjoyable and memorable days ahead. Lastly I am not happy with you, to be honest, I am very very sad because I am not around to learn from you. Lol!
Anthony Ike, Nigeria blog readers collage blog readers collage


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  1. Shahrukh is undoubtedly very passionate towards software. When I stumbled upon his tutorials I found them very easy to understand with regards to my thesis project. He is well updated with the internet of things which helped me understand the working of the different software in order to make it work. The undying appetite to keep improving and progressing makes him stand out. He definitely proves to be an inspiration to many. I wish him heartiest congratulations on completing 3 years of his blog and I hope to see him succeed with flying colours in the near future!!

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