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Mini Projects Free bootstrap admin templates

Bootstrap is here to stay. I love working in bootstrap framework, it gives developers like us (having basic or average knowledge about css) a big boost. Using bootstrap framework I can now make basic mobile friendly website myself. In my free time I always look for some cool design/UI inspiration.In this article I have posted some of the best free bootstrap admin templates I have come across. You can use them in your project for free.

Tips & Tricks Make your avatar with Gravatar

When you make an account with Gravatar, it gives you a link which describes your profile with almost every information you need other people to know about yourself. A MUST HAVE for online presence.

Facebook Unlock facebook display pictures

Recently I have come across to a website that unlocks facebook display pictures. I tried the demo and it did worked perfectly. I approached the author and asked if he’s storing any vital information as this service is free. He said that he just stores the facebook ID nothing more than that. So I thought why not share this with you guys.

Tips & Tricks Activate hidden themes in Windows7

Do you guys know that window7 provides some country based themes? These themes are based on countries like Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Canada. If you haven’t tried these before check it out now.

Tips & Tricks Using Image Placeholder Services For Web Development

How many occasions developers/designer waste their times in cropping, resizing images just to place image and that too just for testing with dummy image. Just to minimize this loss there are lots of placeholder service available to fill in that place, which provides good quality images,and in different category and dummy text too. In this tutorial I will show you how to use image placeholder services for faster web development.

Tips & Tricks Protect your privacy while using facebook application

We all use facebook application daily, with more exposure to our personal information there are more chances that the information can be misused. Facebook provides the privacy settings facility so we can tuneup it as as per our need. I am going to explain you the settings needed to protect our privacy while using facebook application.

Tips & Tricks Searching Google like a Boss

One of the most basic thing we do everyday is searching on Google or simple googling. But sometimes we are not able to get the desired result even after constant changing of keywords. In that case try these tips and tricks that will help you get fast and more accurate results.

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