Checkout of the working demos for php, mysql, jquery, ajax, facebook and related topics. View the demo and download the code for free.

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1. Simple shopping list using php mysql jquery bootstrap
2. Show more less content using jquery
3. Change country flags and ISD code using PHP MySQL Ajax and jQuery
4. Display animation on focus with css and javascript
5. Calculating difference between two dates in php
6. Play YouTube video as page background using Jquery
7. Responsive fullscreen background slider using Jquery
8. Smooth scrolling to page top and bottom using jQuery
9. Creating multi user role based admin using php mysql and bootstrap
10. Login System with twitter using OAuth php and mysql
11. Playing audio and video using JQuery
12. Creating responsive multi step form with bootstrap and Jquery
13. Mobile Detect with PHP
14. Ajax scroll down pagination with Php and Mysql
15. Clear session after 15 minutes of user inactivity using php
16. User Registration with Email Verification using PHP and Mysql
17. Create Category tree with PHP and mysql
18. Login System with Windows/Microsoft Live using OAuth php and mysql
19. Login System with Github using OAuth php and mysql
20. Login System with LinkedIn using OAuth php and mysql
21. Login System with Facebook with PHP and MySQL
22. Autogrow Textarea Plugin with jQuery
23. Get Latitude and Longitude of a location with Google maps api and Jquery
24. Detect user timezone using javascript
25. Product Rating System with PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Ajax
26. Create Iphone Style checkbox using Jquery
27. Simple address book with php and mysql using pdo
28. Post status/link/images to your timeline with php and graph api
29. Column Sorting with php and mysql
30. Awesome Php Calendar V1.0
31. Fetch facebook fan pages liked by your friend using php and fql
32. Slimscroll – facebook like scroll bar jquery plugin
33. Create facebook application and fetch friends with profile picture using php and fql
34. Add Remove multiple textfield with jquery
35. Redirect back to referral page after login
36. Delete multiple records with PHP and MySql
37. Check/Uncheck all checkbox with Jquery
38. Generating thumbnails on the fly with php
39. Send greetings cards via email using php and mysql
40. How to add multiple markers with custom icons on google map using php
41. Create snowfall effect using jquery
42. How to create a simple dynamic website with php and mysql
43. Ajax pagination with php and mysql
44. Multiple dropdown with jquery ajax and php
45. How to generate pdf file with php
46. How to parse json with jquery and ajax
47. Read and write json file with php and mysql
48. Create fireworks with javascript using fireworks.js
49. Flip effect using jquery
50. Parsing smileys for chat script using php and ajax
51. Search Facebook Friends and Liked Pages Using PHP Ajax FQL
52. Import and Export to CSV file using PHP and MySql
53. How to make custom debugging print function in PHP
54. How to fetch your facebook friends birthday using php and fql
55. How to make custom Ajax form like contact form 7
56. How to make secure login with PHP and MySQL
57. Facebook Login with PHP using facebook SDK

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